Bicycle fanatic, owner of Spun Bicycles, wife of a Flatland master, dog lover, living a simple life and learning how to be a business owner.

Sales are up 33% from this time last year. So why am I so stressed out and pissed off?

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Summer at Spun

It’s been a minute since I have been able to post here. Basically, March hit and we’ve been going non stop ever since. The shop is busy, the numbers are way higher than last year and we’re doing pretty damn good. 

I don’t think we will ever be rich from owning a bike shop - but we’re working hard, doing what we love, and are able to pay our bills. I am sitting here printing PNL’s and all of our profit is spent on the business. Our inventory is up about 20% from last year and our investments never stop.  

It’s hot as fuck outside. Our tooling area is in the front window and when the sun hits us at about 4pm, it sucks pretty bad to be standing up there wrenching on bikes. Our new mechanic, David, a bike polo player, wanted to put a sheet up in the window. I like him, but I can’t have a ghetto ass sheet hanging in my shop window. The Blind Factory is doing a custom blind for him. Cuz I like him, ya know. 

We are gearing up for our first big BMX demo. Dominic built a 23 foot box jump and it’s going to be on the 4th of July during the Northside Rock and Roll festival which attracts 4000-8000 people. I had one of those custom canopy tents made with our logo. It’s a wise investment. I always see other bike shops set up at events with them, so we kind of needed it. Dom’s got a crew of young ballers who will be able to get about 12 feet up in the air with this launch jump thing. Right now it’s in pieces in my garage and I have to drag my mountain bikes up the stairs and out of the front door when I go ride dirt. Cuz every bike shop should have a box jump. Right? 

I started a shop ride finally. It’s a girls only ride. I just want to hook up all the female bicyclists that come into the shop. Last Monday 4 of us rode together. It was pretty much fun. Super chill, not too fast, not too slow, 15-20 miles in the city, chatty. Leave your team kit at home and no douchy racer attitudes allowed. Fuck all that. 

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

You changed my life years ago through DC. Cold cutting clean for 5 years now. So glad to see you prosper. Fly wings fly.

"So, I’ve had two bikes built by Dominic and Judi at Spun Bicycles in Northside Cincinnati. Could not be happier. I am not an easy customer, mostly because I am so used to being ripped off and lied to. They are patient and forgiving.

You get so much more than you actually pay for at Spun Bikes. Every time, I walk out of that shop feeling guilty that I paid so little for so much.

Dominic has helped guide me to the right components and frame for the riding I am into. He has my bike so dialed in.

Quality work. Performed by people that take riding very seriously.

What you won’t get here is an average job. Everything is taken to as close to perfection as they can get.”

Some happy moments from the first year. :)